Turbans Kenya Meets

Turbans Kenya
Turbans Kenya Meets Joyce

I met Joyce ten years ago and was one of my first friends in High School. Most people dont know this but I went to primary school far away from Nairobi , in a deep dark hole under a hill , in a forest next to a river far far away from civilisation. When I came back to Nairobi , I was super organic , and Joyce played a key role in revamping my life. Say something like PIMP my  ride  only that i was a car from the 1940’s . Anyway bottom line is Joyce played a key role in my formative stages of life and is my confidant to date , my bestest of friends and the realest person ever.

Images by Sambe Lugonzo

MORE THAN JUST A TURBAN is an initiative that seeks to inspire young women to BE MORE  . This is a story about how Joyce is MORE THAN JUST A TURBAN.


I started my weight loss journey in 2012 at 106 Kgs .I went on several diet plans, went to the gym, bought a dumb bell set and was set on losing weight. All this time , my goal was to lose the weight and that was all it was .

 In 2013, I saw a nutritionist who put  me on a diet plan and exercises. I followed it for 3 months and lost 6 Kgs . That was when I became serious.


I would walk about 3.73 miles a day . I started portioning my food the right way , reduced carbs , had more veggies and fruits and increased my water intake. For the next 3 years with patience  consistency and hardwork i lost 26 Kgs .



Initially my intention was to lose weight but with time my goals switched to gradual weight loss since my priority was my health. I maintained this weight throughout the year and was at a plateau per say by the  end of last year at 80 Kgs.


 This year however, I chose to give  myself the final push to achieve my weight goal so i started the fat loss lab program which has been going really well for me. Weight loss is continuous journey as  I am now at 73 Kgs , who knows what next year will bring! 


Throughout the years I watched Joyce consistently stick to her end goal and saw her lose 30kgs in 3 years , most will say thats too little , or it took too long a time … I say ,this story is really not about Joyce’s weight loss it really is about her journey , my journey , Your journey. It’s about endurance , patience , hardwork and mostly consistency .


Do you have what it takes to get where you want to be ? are you willing to go all the way ?

The journey continues.



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