When  I started  Turbans  Kenya  ,  I have to admit ,  I did have a bad hair month (extended bad hair day ) .


My hair is natural but I am nothing like my natural hair sisters you know,  the ones smelling of coconut oil and avocados,  sheer butter twist out kind of girls.

I am  so impatient  I’d  expect  the results NOW!  Fix my hair already  natural  products!   My hair is natural  OK?   I have watched YouTube  tutorials but when I  do it myself my fingers get so tired , then i remember i have work the next day at 7 AM so .. i give up n go to bed  .

I LOVE how the look , so nice,  so African,  Queening All Day ,  especially  the Kenyan  naturalistas,  Great Job! Also if you guys would  open a salon that can do all that for the rest of us lazy girls,  that would be GREAT! ☺ for now I’ll  stick to my braids and faux locs.

I’m not great at that but the Turbans yessssss! ! That’s my thing! and it takes a maximum  of 5 to 3 minutes ! So you know it #lazyteam is in! .

So when I started Turbans Kenya  ,  I knew what I wanted to provide – a clear step by step to guide in which to  tie you turban whether it’s for a one day thing or a forever thing like me .

So whoever you  are,  perm,  weave  , lazy natural,  the real deal natural even the bald head  kinda girl .  This is for you!



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