You know , when you have a head-wrap ( turban) on, you tend to knowingly or unknowingly send some random artistic , creative – i’m a singer kind of vibes vibes , or meditation , yoga, burning incense and basically being AWAKENED , Knowledge of self kind of girl.

I never have any embarrassing moments  , I believe in being conscious and very aware of every situation , so everything happens simply because it was going to .

So i was in a matatu  ( Kenyan public transport ) the other day , and there was a reggae song playing , RICHIE SPICE BLACK WOMAN .I  wasn’t really paying attention to it until i realized people were staring at me . So the song was about this beautiful black woman who hair is always wrapped up in a turban, about how shes a sacred queen , empress number ONE , meditation so strong and how exposing her hair was a NO! NO! , QUEEN OF THE MOTHERLAND!  ( i had to listen to this song again to hear the lyrics).

ANYWAY, So here i was in a super huge turban , like this one below looking like this QUEEN OF AFRICA. It felt great! it really did! people already assuming you are this , the next day you send different vibes , its exciting!


I shared a class with some guy ( call him Mr.A) A for arrogant  . He called me AFRICA the whole semester!  Who knows what vibes I will send tomorrow or today, Good Vibes I hope!

Good Vibes I hope

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