Simple Kenyan Girl

I grew up with my grandmothers sowing machine fixated on a corner in my room , and I would constantly sit by it and pretend to be the best tailor in town. I would imagine being well known all over town for my great designer garments and all . Most people would read this and think well I ended up in design but I didn’t ! In fact Funny thing is I cannot sow to save my life , well, I can but I’m really slow so I don’t think it counts .

Back to my bedroom , I had zero closet space ! My already tiny wardrobe was full of my mothers clothes . Most people again would say ‘well that’s not so nice’ , where did I put my clothes ?well I can’t remember haha maybe in a box somewhere who knows! What I remember is wearing my mums clothes and I had a ball!

Long story short ! I grew up around fabric of all kinds from the original African wax print fabrics to luxurious silk and I grew up experimenting.

I never met my grandmother but she was always in a head wrap, well thought out and tied endlessly round her head to make a beautiful crown.



I can’t quite recall how or when I started tying turbans all I know is , it’s become part of who I am . I wear it daily on my head like a crown . Well then I guess that’s how Turbans Kenya came up.

Welcome to The turban diaries of a simple Kenyan girl.


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